Doctoral theses

Jahr der Veröffentlichung Name Dissertationstitel
2022 Simone Herzog Strength of ceramic oxygen-ion-conducting membranes and their reactive brazed composites
2022 Tilo Schreiner Water-based Powder Preparation and Reaction Sintering for the Synthesis of Transparent Spinel Ceramics
2022 Christian Gebhardt Influence of graphite morphology on the long-term strength of cast iron with spherical graphite
2022 Johannes Kunz Alloy development for laser-based additive manufacturing of high-alloy carbon-rich steels
2021 Sree Sistla Numerical Modelling and Simulation of Temperature Fields, Densification and Grain Growth during Field Assisted Sintering Technology
2021 Stanley van Kempen Characterization and Numerical Simulation of Constrained Sintering in Al2O3 and MgAl2O4 based Ceramic Laminated Composites
2019 Wolfgang Kayser Influencing factors on the residual stress state in cemented carbides
2018 Luisa-Marie Heine Damage Tolerant Design with High STrength Cast Iron EN-GJS-700-2
2018 Mehmet Ozan Özel Formation of White Etching Areas and White Etching Cracks in 100Cr6 Steel under Rolling Contact Fatigue
2018 Florian Tang Calphad-based Alloy Design of Multiphase High Managenese Steels with Aluminum
2018 Marko Hajeck Tooth Root Bearing Capacity of Gears made by Powder Metallurgical Manufacturing Processes
2017 Johanna Marie Haan Creep of particle hardened type-A alloy 617B
2016 Geng Chen Strength Prediction of Particulate Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
2016 Yannic Sesemann Wear and tear in gut bed roller mills
2016 Chung Van Nguyen Numerical Simulation of Hot Isostatic Pressing with Particular Consideration of Powder Density Distribution and Temperature Gradient
2016 Anke Kaletsch Reactive soldering of perovskite-steel composites and their aging resistance in an oxidizing atmosphere
2016 Maria Zivcec Structure and strength of a field- and pressure-assisted sintered tungsten carbide-cobalt carbide
2015 Utku Ahmet Özden Finite Element Simulation of Fatigue Crack Growth in Hardmetal
2015 Giang Anh Ngoc Multi-scale Model for Fatigue in Carbide-rich Tool Steel
2014 Santiano Keusemann Fatigue of sintered steels as a function of the highly loaded volume and the stress ratio
2014 Atilim Eser

Cross-scale simulation of the tempering of tool steels

2014 Thomas Janitzky Influence of density and slip on the rolling strength of case-hardened sintered steels
2013 Zhongming Xia Bending Tests of TZP-Ceramics with Notches and Flaws based on Mesomechanical Simulation
2013 Dragomir Nesic Sn-based plain bearing alloys and investigation of the fatigue mechanisms of conventional as well as experimental Sn-based plain bearing alloys to perform fatigue strength verification
2013 Ali Zafari Analytical representation of the vibration behaviour of sintered steels
2012 Kai Sauerzapfe Fabric-locking joining concepts and their reliability using the example of ceramic SiSiC high-temperature fans
2011 Thiago Rausch Fatigue beaviour analysis of cast iron materials under uniaxial and multiaxial loading using the example EN-GJV-450
2011 Markus Zwick Effect of microstructure of mixed ionic electronic conductors on oxygen flux and bending strength
2010 Jan Stuhrmann Mechanical high temperature behaviour of new cooling structures for stream turbine components
2009 Münip Dalgic Relationship between the pore morphology and fatigue properties of sinters Iron and steel
2009 Kenan Sürül Development of new bonding coatings to improve the bonding strength of tin based sliding bearing metals
2008 Hans Schäfer Evaluation algorithm based on a modification of the Goniometric Model for the steady description of the S-N curve from the Low Cycle Fatigue up to the Ultra High Cycle Fatigue region
2007 Inken Possel-Dölken Determination of microstresses in polycrystalline materials by use of X-rays and their behaviour with static deformation and cyclic loading
2006 Erik Iglesias HIP-Process for open posority chromium steel X20Cr13
2005 Jens Petersen Rolling strength test of sintered steel and new development of a rolling strength test bench
2004 Andreas Sell Development and characterization of a tin-based plain bearing alloy
2004 Marcel Hempen Strength hypothesis for multi-axis oscillating stress in the linear elastic range of time resistance
2003 Andreas Benner Machining of hot-compacted sintered steels in the green and sintered state
2002 Stefan Reckers Surface potentiation distributions by galvanostatic 3D raster measurements
2001 Jürgen Lohmar Construction of a measuring device for the detection of local corrosion phenomena on inhomogeneous surfaces
1999 Dhirendar Chauhan X-ray determination and calculation of macro- and micro-stress distributions in polymer composites