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Mechanics of Materials

Structural and Chemical Atomic Complexity

Heat treatment sintered gear

Mechanism based modelling of tempering

Induction hardening of sintered steels

LMD Hybrid

Fatigue of tool steel

SWL Cast Aluminium

Operating point-dependent qualification and selection of plain bearing materials

Development of a metallic running layer material for mechanically and thermally highly loaded hydrodynamic plain bearings

Component strength of heat-treated sintered steels

Lightweight Design of casted structural components in wind turbines

Fatigue strength of cast iron components


Fatigue strength of cast iron components

Mechanisms of failure in solid solution strengthened spheroidal graphite cast iron

Extreme loads GJS

Derivation of synthetic Wöhler lines for iron casting materials

Fatigue strength of AM-components

3D modeling - cast iron

White Etching Areas

Cracks on bearing rings VI



Powder Metallurgy and Ceramics

LMD Hybrid

Customized wear-resistant composite components through additive manufacturing and hot isostatic pressing

Fabrication of Press Hardening Tools by Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process

Influence of the initial porosity on the hot isostatic pressing of components manufactured with additives

Mesoscopic sinter simulation of sintered steels

Additive manufacturing of cutting tools from tungsten carbide-cobalt

Field Assisted Sintering Technology (FAST) of Gadolinium doped Cerium-oxide (GDC)

Co-sintering of metal-ceramic laminates with consideration of aniso-tropic shrinkage

Development of new high-speed steels for additive manufacturing by LPBF



Carbide additivation of PBF-LB tool steels with functional polymer binders

Creation of high-nitrogen steel with Si3N4 powder additivation

MAX tools for glass forming


BJT PM-Gears