Extreme loads GJS


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Tobias Hajeck

Research group Manager Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics


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The effect of extreme loads on the fatigue strength of nodular graphite cast iron (GJS) was investigated in the project "Fatigue strength GJS components". In industry, it is important that wind turbines and other components are designed with regard to possible extreme loads (natural events, assembly, operating errors). However, the influence of extreme loads on fatigue strength is not currently taken into account in the design of components.


  • To define experimentally a limit of allowable local deformation due to extreme loads for GJS up to which there is no decrease in fatigue strength.
  • Establish an experimentally supported concept for predicting the effects of extreme loads on the long-term strength of GJS-400-18 LT.

Project contents

  • Experimental investigation of the influence of extreme loads on the fatigue strength. Consideration of the influences of
    • number of load cycles due to extreme loads
    • Strength of the extreme loads
    • Direction of action of the extreme load
    • Geometry of the component or specimen
    • Stress ratio of the fatigue
  • Experimental investigation of the microstructural, physical-causal damage mechanisms that cause the reduction in long-term strength

Grant number: IGF-Nr. 21861 N