SWL Cast Aluminium



The reason for the research project is that characteristic value functions according to the FKM guideline for the prediction of the fatigue strength of aluminium casting materials are not applicable to a large extent.


  • The objective of the research project is to provide a design method based on synthetic Wöhler lines for aluminum castings.

Project contents

  • Examination and targeted preparation of the existing database on the cyclic material behavior of aluminum castings
  • Characterization of the quasi-static, cyclic and component-bound material behavior
  • Experimental investigations:
    • Stress- and strain-controlled fatigue tests
    • on near net shape continuous casting, sand casting, gravity die casting and pressure die casting specimens of different alloy compositions (e.g.: AlSi7Mg0.2, AlSi8Cu3, AlSi9Cu3, AlSi10Mg)
  • Development of a modular method carrier ("SWL" working tool)

Project partners

  • Fraunhofer LBF
  • MFPA Weimar


Grant number: