Analysis of the quasi-static and cyclic material behaviour of modern zinc die-casting alloys to determine the material suitability for components subjected to cyclic loading, taking into account stress-mechanical, technological and statistical size factors


This project deals with the topic of zynk casting. The expansion of the field of application of zinc die-cast components under cynical stress is being investigated. This includes, for example, a sensor housing in cyclically stressed areas or also thin-walled gearbox housings with internal near-net-shape cast gearing.


  • Analysis of the cyclic strain- and stress-based material behavior of zinc die-casting alloys to assess their suitability for components subjected to high cyclic stresses

Project contents

  • Cyclic tests on notched and unnotched specimens at different stress conditions and temperatures in the aged and unaged condition, taking into account the casting parameters
  • Development of a design concept for zinc die casting alloys for use in components subjected to high cyclic stresses
  • Review and reduction of existing safety factors

Project partners

  • SAM (System Reliability, Adaptronics and Machine Acoustics), TU Darmstadt
  • GTA (Foundry Technology Aalen), Aalen University of Applied Sciences
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Grant number: 21900 N