Operating point-dependent qualification and selection of plain bearing materials


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Until now, the material selection for plain bearing applications has often been based on the manufacturer's product portfolio and the customer's experience, so that the optimum material is rarely selected. For this reason, a guideline is to be created which will make it possible to make a material selection based on quantifiable properties. Which material is best suited for a particular application? it is sometimes difficult to determine a material that represents the optimum of required properties and costs. Here the principle always applies that the most expensive material is not necessarily the best. It is therefore necessary to find the most suitable material for an application on the basis of characteristic values.


  • Establish a guideline to select the most cost-effective material that meets all the requirements for a specific application, based on numerical values

Project content

  • Recording of suitable test methods
  • Development of missing test methods or further development of existing test methods
  • Determination of suitable characteristic values for the material selection
  • Correlation of experimentally determined values with simulative findings

Research Partners

  • IMSE (Institute for Machine Elements and System Development) RWTH
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