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High-throughput experimental and Calphad screening of CCAs (Hi-TeCC) - towards new alloys with exceptional mechanical properties


During the past 13 years a new window of opportunity for the design of novel materials was opened by the development of alloys with multi principal elements (MPEAs). MPEAs can be subdivided into single-phase high-entropy alloys (HEAs) and multi-phase compositionally complex alloys (CCAs). Instead of constituting one base element, MPEAs contain five or more principal elements. Hence, a vast space of possible chemical compositions and properties became available, which stimulated intensive research in this field. However, due to the very high number of possible alloy systems, only a small fraction could be investigated so far. Even more alarming, most single-phase, disordered HEAs potentially suitable for structural applications have mechanical properties that cannot compete with established steels and Ni-base alloys. Therefore, precipitation/multi-phase hardening by advancing from single-phase HEAs to multi-phase CCAs is a promising path to improve the mechanical properties of these alloys. This opens a vast field of hitherto unexplored opportunities. In order to explore and make optimal use of HEAs and CCAs, an extensive alloy screening approach, combining high-throughput thermodynamic simulations and experiments is inevitable.


  • Thermodynamic Calphad modelling of the systems Ni-V, Al-Co-Fe, Al-Co-Mn and Al-Ni-V.
  • Construction of a thermodynamic database with the elements Al, Co, Cr, Fe, Mn, Ni, V und C.
  • Identification of promising alloys using thermodynamic Calphad calculations.

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Funded by DFG within SPP 2006: Compositionally Complex Alloys - High Entropy Alloys (CCA – HEA). Projektnummer: 388166069.