Mechanics of Materials and Learning



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Alexander Bezold

Head of Division Materials Mechanics


+49 241 80 96513



In the micromechanics working group, the focus is on the experimental investigation of the damage mechanisms of structural materials and the development of integrative, multi-scale simulation models with the aim of property prediction, in particular for fatigue loading and consideration of local mechanical material properties in the design of components.

The Fatigue Strength group investigates the fatigue behaviour and fatigue strength of materials with structural defects, such as cast iron, powder metallurgical steels and tool steels. A further research focus is the component design. The focus is on the vibration-resistant design of multi-axial, non-proportionally loaded components, component design based on concepts of short-crack fracture mechanics and fracture statistical concepts. For the experimental investigation of the fatigue strength of specimens and components, a large test machine park is available. In addition to axial, torsional, bending and rotating bending loads, multi-axial tests can also be performed.