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Simone Herzog

Group Manager Development Tool Materials


+49 241 80 96514



The working group Process Technology analyses powder technology manufacturing processes, starting from the powder up to the component. The research focus lies on the understanding of the effects of process parameters or different manufacturing processes on the microstructure, the mechanical properties and the reliability of components. The range of materials includes metallic and ceramic materials as well as composites.


Running projects:



Process stability and component design in the binder jetting process

Fabrication of Press Hardening Tools by Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Influence of the initial porosity on the hot isostatic pressing of powder bed fused material

Development of new high-speed steels for additive manufacturing by LPBF

Carbide additivation of PBF-LB tool steels with functional polymer binders

Creation of high-nitrogen steel with silicon nitride powder additivation

MAX tools for glass forming

Completed projects:

3DP für MIM (de)

Configuration of specific component properties by processing AM powder mixtures

Microstructure simulation of reactive air brazing

Customized wear-resistant composite components by additive manufacturing and hot isostatic pressing

(Electro-)magnetic forming of ceramics