Failure Investigations



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Jan Xhonneux

Group Manager Labs


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The Institute has long-time experience in failure analysis and material investigation of metallic components from industrial clients, mainly mechanical engineering and automotive suppliers.

Available investigation methods:

  • Scanning electron microscop, SEM, evaluation of fracture surfaces,
    • determination of failure origins and mechanisms and microstructural characterization
  • Energy-dispersive X-ray analysis, EDX, to identify impurities, precipitations, inclusions and foreign particles.
  • Light-optical metallographic characterization of materials
    • purity, microstructure, thermal treatment, coatings
  • Image analysis on light-optical and SEM images
    • determination of phase fractions, porosities, density gradients in sinter materials, size and shape of microstructural features
  • Micro-hardness measurement, for example to determine the case-hardening depth
  • Evaluation of corrosive attacks using SEM and metallography
  • Mechanical testing
    • tensile properties, hardness, impact energy, axial bending, torsion and rolling contact fatigue
  • Spectroscopic analysis of material compositions
  • Analysis of phase formation and residual stresses by X-ray diffraction
    • Determination of macro-residual stresses by sectioning
    • Ultrasonic measurement of elastic properties
    • Surface roughness measurement
    • Contourographic measurement, for example of radii and surface profiles