Manufacturing technology



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Simone Herzog

Group Manager Development Tool Materials


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Powder preparation

  • Airflow mill
  • Stirring ball mill
  • Attritor
  • sieve stacks
  • vibration mill, Retsch, with Al2O3- and WC- grinding beaker
  • rotational viscosimeter Rheolab MC 10, Physica
  • diverse vibrating plates
  • particle analyzer Horiba LA-950, Retsch
  • rotation station for ceramic slurries with different grinding bodies and beakers
  • Hall-flowmeter

Forming and manufacturing

  • Selective laser melting machine, Realizer SLM 100, built in 2012, construction volume of 125 x 125 x 125 mm3, Ytterbium fiber laser with maximal laser power of 200 W and wave length of 1070 nm, shielding gas Ar
  • Field assisted/spark plasma sintering facility, FCT systems, built in 2011, maximum sample size Ø = 80 mm, h = 38 mm, process parameter: Tmax= 2400 °C, pmax = 250 kN, process atmosphare Ar, N2 or vacuum
  • Hot-isostatic Press, ABRA, built in 1987, pressure vessel size of Ø i = 200 mm and h = 300 mm up to process temperature of 1500 °C and pressure of 1950 bar
  • Cold-isostatic Press, EPSI, built in 2009, pressure vessel size of Ø i = 200 mm and h = 800 mm up to a pressure of 4000 bar, diverse latex and PVC moulds for tube, cylinder and disk shapes
  • uniaxial hand press up to 200 kN press capacity
  • uniaxial press up to 6 t, 60 t and 600 t press capacity

Heat treatment

  • chamber furnace HT 1000/17 /Nabertherm up to furnance temperatur of 1750°C,volume 1 m³, air
  • diverse chamber furnaces in different sizes with ceramic or metallic heating elements, up to 1800 °C, air
  • vacuum inerat gas furnace IBV with graphite lining, up to 2200 °C, N2/Ar
  • corrosion tube furnace, CeramiAix, up to 1550 °C, N2/ O2/ Ar
  • mobile temperature measurement via data logger with up to 8 thermocouples, Pt-resistor element or pyrometer