Mechanical Material Testing



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Tobias Hajeck

Group Manager Material Fatigue


+49 241 80 99534


  • Fatigue testing of material samples
    • tensile-compression, circulation bending, flat bending, torsion, internal pressure, multi-axial loadings
  • Determination of Wöhler-curves
  • High cycle fatigue and long life fatigue diagrams
  • Haigh and Smith diagram
  • Statistical evaluation of vibration resistance and fatigue testing with SAFD, Statistical Analysis of Fatigue Data, software
    • High Cycle Fatigue
    • Long Life Fatigue
  • Component testing, operational lifetime and endurance strength of components
    • combined loading, internal pressure
  • simulation of complex loading cases of structures and components
  • Metrological and numerical stress analysis
  • Fractographic expertise of fatigue damage and failure
  • Strength calculation for multi axial vibration stress
  • Consulting
    • fatigue behavior, testing technology and statistical analysis of testing results
  • Database research
    • material parameters, strength properties