Thermophysical investigations


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Yuanbin Deng

Group Manager Process Simulation, Powder Metallurgy and Ceramics


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For the design or simulation of materials in operation or in the production process, we can determine thermophysical properties using various measuring methods. We offer the following services:

  • Dilatometry to determine thermal expansion, sinter shrinkage, softening point, phase transformations etc.

  • Determination of thermal diffusivity using the laser flash method

  • Calculation of the thermal conductivity

  • Dynamic thermal analysis (DTA) for the determination of thermally induced material changes

  • Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) for determining the specific heat capacity

  • Coupled emission gas analysis by quadropole mass spectrometer (QMS)

  • Determination of conversion points (Ac1, Ac3, Ar1, Ar3, Ms, Mf)

  • Preparation of time-temperature transformation diagrams or time-temperature austenitization diagrams using quenching dilatometer (DIL805A)

  • Flow and creep curves, relaxation test as well as complex tensile/compression tests using a deformation dilatometer (DIL805D/T)

For this we use the following devices:

  • DSC 404 Pegasus (dynamic differential calorimetry)

  • LFA 427 (laser-Flash-Analysis)

  • DIL 402C (dilatometry)

  • DIL 805A/D/T (quenching and forming dilatometry)

We also offer these investigations in combination with a microstructure characterization.

  Tabular picture of thermophysical investigations. Copyright: © IWM