Management assistants for office management


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Training as Management assistants for office management

As an office management assistant you can work in the administrative departments of companies in all economic sectors and in the public sector. Your activities will consist of organisational and commercial administrative tasks as well as assistant and secretarial functions.

Since you can work in any industry, you need to have knowledge of business processes in order to familiarize yourself with the relevant area of work.

In your daily dealings with customers, vendors, authorities, and colleagues, you are required to formulate, structure, and pass on internal and external correspondence appropriately. Solving these tasks requires you to have linguistic skills (including foreign languages) as well as IT knowledge for the use and handling of different PC application programs, for example for creating presentations, and the ability to use modern communication techniques, for example fax, e-mail, Internet.

As an office management assistant, your tasks include organising your own work in a meaningful way and coordinating and monitoring deadlines. The areas of order processing, procurement as well as activities in the field of public relations and event management, e.g. organisational preparation and follow-up of meetings, business trips and trade fairs, are also part of the job.

In addition to the statistical processing of data, you are also required to interpret this data, which means that you must have the necessary background knowledge or be able to obtain it.