Hagen Symposium 2022

Thursday, November 24, 2022, 9:00am


Fachverband Pulvermetallurgie e. V. is organizing the 40th Hagen Symposium Powder Metallurgy 2022 (de) with the topic "Powder Metallurgy - Key Technology for Innovative System Solutions".Whereas in the past it was primarily the individual component that was optimized in terms of its function and form, the focus is now on the higher-level system with its transfer function. Therefore, the 39th symposium addresses scientists and students from the fields of

  • Physics, chemistry,
  • Mechanical engineering, aerospace,
  • Electrical engineering, process engineering and materials engineering.

All speakers have many years of professional experience and a high level of technical expertise in common. Speakers from the aerospace industry have been recruited to report on current powder metallurgical developments in this field. Three lectures will be devoted to the storage of chemical and electrical energy in the form of metal hydride storage systems or batteries. The raw materials required for all these systems are finite, are subject to global demand and in some cases require special manufacturing processes. For this reason, speakers have been recruited to address competing manufacturing processes, machining and the production of special tooling systems. The availability of rare earths and the hard magnets made from them will be discussed in another paper.

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