IWM-IAPK Colloquium 2021

Thursday, September 23, 2021, 08:30am

  Programme IWM-IAPK Colloquium 2021 Copyright: © IWM

We are pleased to announce that there is a new date for our cancelled colloquium. We cordially invite you to join us on September 23, 2021 in Aachen for our IWM - IAPK - Colloquium on "Additive Manufacturing of Hard Materials".
Additive manufacturing encompasses many different technologies, all of which hold high future potential and are accordingly the subject of intensive research. Additive manufacturing of very hard materials still poses a particular challenge. It is not only beam-based processes that often reach their limits here.

Under the title "Additive Manufacturing of Hard Materials" we would like to discuss this topic with you at our next IWM - IAPK - Colloquium on September 23, 2021. Ten topical lectures by speakers from industry and science will form the basis for exciting discussions and scientific exchange.

Our top-class external speakers as well as scientific staff members of the IWM/IAPK will give you insights into relevant issues from research and industry on the topic of additive manufacturing of hard materials. You will get an overview of where the different AM technologies currently stand in the field of very hard materials manufacturing and what challenges exist for different material groups. In addition to tool steels, hard metals and ceramics will also be considered. As solutions we will present further developments in the field of process technology and you will also see results how new or adapted materials for existing processes could be developed.
After the colloquium you will have the opportunity to visit the laboratories and experimental halls of the IWM/IAPK institute network.

The colloquium will take place on 23.09.2021 in Aachen.

For further information, please refer to the program booklet

You can register by e-mail (info@iapk.rwth-aachen.de) and of course also by phone at +49 241 80-95534.