IWM-IAPK Colloquium 2022


The colloquium of the IWM and IAPK institutes took place again this year. On 20.09.2022, Prof. Christoph Broeckmann, head of both institutes, invited participants to a top-class exchange of knowledge under the title "Design and construction with hard materials".

The event in the halls of TEMA in Aachen attracted around 50 participants from all over Germany to Aachen. The speakers and listeners listened to a total of nine interesting contributions on current research topics from science and industry. The extensive range of topics spanned topics such as classical structural ceramics, ceramic composites and hard metals, and tool steels.

Among the speakers were also several colleagues from IWM sharing their progress and findings of current work, thus contributing to an informative and knowledgeable day.

Last year's successful colloquium could thus be realized in exactly the same way in 2022 and was very well received and appreciated by those present.