IWM at CWD 2023




We look back on the exciting CWD 2023. The IWM team was represented by PhD students and student assistants. The Conference for Wind Power Drives (CWD) has established itself as a platform for the exchange of knowledge between industry and science on a wide range of topics in drive train and systems engineering.

CWD 2023 covers the entire electromechanical drive train of wind turbines and its subsystems such as the gearbox, and goes into detailed research on individual components such as rolling or plain bearings. Our colleague Felix Weber presented the results of a joint project with the Center for Wind Power Drives, the Institute for Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Construction at RWTH, Access e. V. and industrial partners.

  Group of PhD students and student workers Copyright: © IWM from left to right: Tim Loesing, Dinah Zeitter, Pia Huckfeld, Elisabeth Lang, Dario Mohit Rodriguez, Lutz Horbach, Felix Weber, Saliha Gündogan